Curriculum Vitae: Lisa H. Richman, PhD.


PhD., American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH       

Dissertation:“‘Introducing America to Americans’: FSA Photography and the Construction of Racialized and Gendered Citizens”

Primary Area: Gender, Ethnicity, and Social Identities

Secondary Area:Photography (studio and art history)

Committee:Chair: Susana Peña (Ethnic Studies/Gender Studies)

Members: Andrew Hershberger (Art History), Lynn Whitney (Studio Photography).


M.A., American Culture Studies ,Bowling Green State University                                         

M.A. Thesis:“From Subculture to Mass Culture: The Impact of Internet Photography on New York Club Cultures”

Coursework in feminist qualitative research methods, visual rhetoric, feminist theory, sexualities, digital identities, performance, and subcultures


B.A., Gender Studies and English, Franklin & Marshall College,  Lancaster, PA                  

Minor: Studio Photography 



Assistant Professor, Department of Core, Adrian College, Adrian, MI.              2015-present

  • Curriculum development and assessment.

  • Serve a diverse community of first-year students.

  • Act as a mentor, advisor, and role model.

  • Content is taught from a critical and intersectional perspective. First semester focuses on questions of identity in connection to community and issues of social justice. Second semester focuses on the United States’ history of slavery as a moment from which to begin discussions about equity, justice, and social movements.


Teaching Associate, School of Critical and Cultural Studies, Bowling Green State University, 2011-2015

●Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, American Studies Courses

○Instructor of record for all courses taught during this time. 

○Course content is developed for both online and live sections.

●My research focuses on the role of the visual in reinforcing or challenging dominant discourses of identity.  My current work interrogates constructions of sexuality, race, motherhood, and national identity in government-funded, Depression era photography.  The work is historical with contemporary implications. 

Writing Center Director/ Instructor, Siena Heights University, Adrian, MI.    2008-2011

  • Recruited and supervised student tutors.

  • Built positive, working relationships with professional colleagues, students and the community at large:

    • Provided regular digital reports to professors – in order to engage campus community.

    • Collaborated with professors from across disciplines in order to serve the needs of the student community as best and as holistically as possible.

    • Organized, promoted, and facilitated training days and workshops open to the community

    • Produced marketing materials to combat the stigma of accessing help.

  • Managed and dispersed budget for Center resources.

  • Developed a model for student tutors to mentor and train new tutors. 

  • Served as an academic mentor and model for student tutors.

  • Developed and deployed micro and macro level assessment of Center goals.

  • Remained well-versed in current and upcoming trends in Center development and Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC).


Graduate Assistant, Women’s Center and NW Silent Witness Initiative                 2005-2007

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH.

  • 06-07. Teaching Assistant to Director Mary Krueger.  Course, “Interpersonal Violence.”

  • Secured speakers from across campus and the community for weekly and monthly events.

  • Produced advertising materials for Women’s Center events.

  • Wrote Women’s Center weekly newsletter.

  • Archived all event-related materials.

  • Moderated events and represented the Women’s Center in a professional manner.

  • Sought participants, attendants, and co-sponsors for events both small and large.



Adrian College(listed by course number)

            Core 101         Academic Foundations I (Interdisciplinary Writing and Research)

                                    Fall 2015-Fall current(4 sections, 18-23 students each)        

            Core 102         Academic Foundations II 

                                    Spring 2016-Spring 2018 (4 sections, 18-23 students each)


Undergraduate Conference/Competition Mentoring:

Lilly Brueckman, Ribbons of Excellence Top Paper                                          2017 Winner  

            Title: “Too Strong?: The Effects of Birth Order in Sibling Relationships”

Haley Petrowski, Ribbons of Excellence Oratory Competition                     2017 Winner

Erin Casey, Ribbons of Excellence Top Paper                                                   2017 Finalist

            Title: “Underdogs: How Women Deal with Social Inequality”

Nicole Games, Ribbons of Excellence Top Paper                                             2016 Winner

            Title: “I Am Me: LGBT Parents and their Children”

Artaka Ross, Ribbons of Excellence Oratory Competition                            2016 Finalist




Academic Advising:              Academic Years: 2016- current          15-20 students per semester

Bowling Green State University(listed by course number)

 ACS 2000       Cultural Pluralism

                                                Fall 2015         (30 students)

                                                Spring 2014    (30 students)

            ETHN 1010    Introduction to Ethnic Studies

                                                Spring 2015    (30 students)

Fall 2014         (29 students)

            WS2000          Introduction to Women’s Studies

                                                Spring 2013    (30 students) Online Delivery 

Fall 2013         (30 students) 


Siena Heights University (listed by course number)

            ENG485          Women and Literature

                                                Spring 2010 (7 students)

ENG320          Communication Theory

                                                Spring 2011 (8 students)

ENG101          Reading and Writing I

                                                Spring 2011 (18 students)

                                                Spring 2010 (15 students)

                                                Spring 2009 (18 students)

ENG100          Basic Writing

                                                Fall 2010 (16 students)

                                                Fall 2009 (18 students)

                                                Fall 2008 (2 sections, 20 students each)



Richman, Lisa H. “‘Introducing America to Americans’: Photography and the Construction of Racialized and Gendered Citizens.”  (Forthcoming monograph). 

  • The monograph I am developing discusses the FSA photography unit's role in reinforcing constructions of Mexicans, particularly mothers and family units, in the US as not possibly citizens. The photographs had arguably violent implications for the lives of Mexicans in the US, while simultaneously facilitating support for rural, white families living in poverty. Circulated images of rural white-appearing families, framed as deserving, possessing of good mothers, and as citizens, came at the exclusion and marginalization of families read as Mexican. This research looks at the cultural stories that were reinforced and disseminated by FSA photography and the continued resonance that these stories have in the contemporary moment.


Richman, Lisa H. “Migrant Mother: Race and Gender in the Making of a Photographic Icon.” Routledge Companion to Photography and Visual Culture. Ed. Moritz Neumüller. Taylor & Francis.2018.


Kaplan (now Richman), Lisa H.  “Soaring to New (?) Heights: Cute, Tough, Geek Girls, and Post-Feminist Discourse.”  It Happens at Comic-Con: Ethnographic Essays on a Pop Culture  Phenomenon. Ed. Ben Bolling and Matthew J. Smith. McFarland & Company,

Inc., North Carolina: 2014.


Kibler, M. Alison, Lisa Richman, and Randi Weinberg. “The Fulton Opera House in Black and White: African American Performers and Protest in Lancaster, Pa., 1890-1915.”  Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society: 2004.         



Exhibit and Lecture of FSA Research

-Bowling Green State University, School of Culture and Critical Studies.     November 2019

-University of Mississippi, Southern Documentary Project.                             November 2018

●Based on research of the FSA photographic archive: 

○Designed exhibition of images (most of which have not been previously seen outside of the archive).

○This project is developed in conjunction with the forthcoming monograph.


Lecture: “‘White Trash’ and ‘Dirty Mexicans’: The Legacy of the FSA Photographic Archive in Imagining Citizens.” Society for Photographic Education (SPE) National Conference. Philadelphia, PA.                           2018


Exhibition: “Dis/Ability and the Visual.”  Advanced Photography.  Lynn Whitney, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH.                        2014-2018

  • Past Exhibits:

    • Toledo Museum of Art (2017)

      • Presented program history at opening

    • Toledo Museum of Art (2016)

    • LeSo Gallery, Toledo (2015)

    • United Way, Bowling Green (2014


Lecture (Juried Selection): "The [Un]Making of an Icon: A Struggle for “Truth” in Depression Era Documentary Photography." Society for Photographic Education (SPE) National Conference. Las Vegas, NV.                        2016


Paper: “Constructing Rural Poverty in Depression Era America: Race, Gender, and Mexican Bodies Through the Lens of FSA Photography.”  National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Cincinnati, OH.     2013


Panel: Gender, Race, and Nation in American Borderlands.  Paper: “Mexican Bodies in Depression Era America: Representation, Reproduction, and Circulation of Farm Security Administration Photography.”  BGSU Conference on Latin America and Latino/a Studies, 

Bowling Green, OH.                                                                                                                 2013


Panel: Women, The Gaze, and Film.  Paper: “Killer Girls: Externalized Aggression in PopularFilm.”  Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.                                                                                                                         2012


Panel: The Culture of Comic-Con: Field Studies of Fans and Marketing.  Comic-Con International, San Diego, CA.                             2012

Installation and Ethnographies: “The Girls Room.”  

  • This is a show comprised of photographs I made of participants (girls aged 11-14 of Lancaster, PA) after completing interviews.  The final product brings the viewer into an immersive, installation space and then moves them into a stark room of portraits where an audio loop of selected clips from the interviews can be heard.  This project navigates the individual stories of girlhood in from the perspective of those in the midst.  The work endeavored to engage the community in conversations that were challenging, inclusive, and ethical.   

○Battleground States Conference, Bowling Green, OH. 2006

○Women’s Research Network, Bowling Green, OH.

○Phillips Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA. 2004

○Power Camp: Filles D’Action, International Women’s Exhibition, Quebec, Canada. 2003



Faculty Development Grant*                                                                                                             2017


Graduate Student Research Grant, Bowling Green State University*                                       2014


Distinguished Thesis Award Nominee, Bowling Green State University.                                  2008


Louis Katzner Research Grant, Bowling Green State University*                                              2007


Sexuality and Gender Activism Award, Bowling Green State University.                                2007


Larry J. Hackman Research Scholarship, Franklin and Marshall College.                                2004


Paul A. Mueller Jr. Summer Research Award, Franklin and Marshall College*                      2003



2017-Present   Ribbons of Excellence, Committee Member

2017-Present   Gender Issues, Ad Hoc Committee

2017                Ribbons of Excellence, Orator’s Cup, Semi-Final Juror

2016                CORE Lego Challenge

2016-Present   Ribbons of Excellence, Orator’s Cup, Semi-Final Juror

2015-2016       CORE Search Committee, Adrian College.

2015-2016       CORE Ad Hoc Committee, Adrian College.

2015                Panel: “Entering the Academic Job Market with a Culture Studies Degree,”           

                        Bowling Green State University.

2013-2014       American Culture Studies Executive Committee, Bowling Green State University.

2013-2014       Women’s History Month Planning Committee, Bowling Green State University.

2011-2014       Women’s Center Photographer, Bowling Green State University.

2011                Advisor, The Vagina Monologues.  Siena Heights University.

2010-2011       The Faculty Assembly Executive Committee, Siena Heights University.

2010                English Search Committee, Siena Heights University.

2010                Restructuring the Liberal Arts, Siena Heights University.

2009-2010       First Year Experience Book Dinner, Siena Heights University.

2007                Advisor, Organization for Women’s Issues.  Bowling Green State University.



English            Fluent


Spanish           Novice- High: reading, writing; Intermediate-Low: speaking, listening

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