Lisa H. Richman, PhD

Lisa Richman is a researcher and teacher at Michigan State University with a doctorate in American Culture Studies from Bowling Green State University.  In her current research, “‘Introducing America to Americans’: FSA Photography and the Construction of Racialized and Gendered Citizens,” Richman considers the FSA-OWI Photographic Collection project with a specific focus on the influence of dominant constructions of race, motherhood, and poverty.  In November 2018, The University of Mississippi hosted an exhibit borne out of the aforementioned research.  Many of the pictures included in the exhibit have never before been outside of the archive.  Her most recent publication “Migrant Mother: Race and Gender in the Making of a Photographic Icon” can be found in The Routledge Companion to Photography and Visual Culture.



PhD.  American Culture Studies    Bowling Green State University

Primary Area: Gender, Ethnicity, and Social Identities

Secondary Area: Photography (studio and art history)


M.A.  American Culture Studies    Bowling Green State University                                       

M.A. Thesis: “From Subculture to Mass Culture: The Impact of Internet Photography on New York Club Cultures”

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